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This group is dedicated to the romantic/platonic relationship of Jean Kirschtein and Marco Bodt
(Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan)

-Let's celebrate our love for Jean and Marco together!
Attack On Titan Stamp: Jean And Marco Dancing by wow1076

:bulletpink: If you like this pairing, feel free to join this group!

:bulletblack: We accept any kind of JeanMarco related art, may it be fanfiction, fanart, cosplay, crafts etc..

:bulletpink: Make sure to check out our "Gallery Rules" before submitting your beautiful art ------------->

:bulletblack: Please, don't hesitate to contact any of the founders if you have questions!


Gallery Folders



Take a look around. Some of these groups might just be what you're looking for ^^!
:iconjeankirschtein-fc: JeanKirschtein-FC Majestic Stallion, Jean :iconshiganshinatrio: ShiganshinaTrio Armin, Eren and Mikasa FC :iconrivamika-fansclub: RivaMika-Fansclub Strongest Couple Ever :iconerd-ginfanclub: Erd-GinFanclub I'M STILL ALIVE IN YOUR HEARTS! :iconmarcobott-fc: MarcoBott-FC He still lives in our hearts! :iconerenjaeger-fc: ErenJaeger-FC :iconmike-zacharius-fc: Mike-Zacharius-FC One way or another,I'll smell ya :iconrivaillefanclub: RivailleFanClub The Levi Heichou's attack! :iconreibertannie: ReiBertAnnie The Titan trio of course ^^ :iconeren-x-armin: Eren-x-Armin .: Sharing The Same Dream :. :iconjeankasa-fc: JeanKasa-FC Crush into love~ :iconattackoncouples: AttackOnCouples :iconrivaille-x-eren-love: Rivaille-x-Eren-Love Rivaille x Eren :iconarmin-x-annie: Armin-x-Annie :iconannies-nose-fc: Annies-Nose-FC Dis awezum nose!!! :iconannie-x-eren: Annie-x-Eren :iconmikasaackerman-fc: MikasaAckerman-FC A merciless yet beautiful world. :iconeren-x-jean: Eren-x-Jean Eren x Jean ~ EreJean :iconreiner-x-bertholdt: Reiner-x-Bertholdt Let us share the SnK love~ :iconrivaille-x-eren: Rivaille-x-Eren :iconsnk-scarfpairing: SnK-ScarfPairing "Thank you for this scarf..." :iconlevi-xeren-fc: Levi-XEren-FC :iconrivaille-x-hanji-fc: Rivaille-x-Hanji-FC Clean freak x Shitty-glasses :iconeren-x-mikasa: Eren-x-Mikasa :iconlike-a-drum: Like-a-Drum :iconattackontitanfanclub: AttackOnTitanFanClub Kill the titans! :iconmarco-x-bertholdt: Marco-x-Bertholdt :iconattack-on-titan-club: Attack-On-Titan-Club :iconshingekinokyojin: ShingekiNoKyojin :iconlanccorporallevi: LancCorporalLevi Love Lance Corporal Levi

Jean x Marco FC


:star: Only members are allowed to submit art.

:star: Please, try and submit your art to the right folders.


General Rules:

:bulletpink: Original characters are not allowed.

:bulletblack: Mature works are allowed (but please, put a mature filter on the deviation).

:bulletpink: Other romantic pairings involving Jean or Marco are not allowed (too bad, Eren :iconwhatisiterenplz:).

:bulletblack: Screenshots, Mangacaps, edits and tracings will be declined!


Folder Rules:

:bulletpink: FEATURED
- Even as a member, you're not allowed to submit art to this particular folder.

:bulletblack: Jean Kirschtein
- Only the character Jean Kirschtein is allowed to appear in art submitted to this folder.

:bulletpink: Marco Bodt
- Only the character Marco Bodt is allowed to appear in art submitted to this folder.

:bulletblack: JeanMarco Digital Art
- Only the characters Jean Kirschtein and Marco Bodt are allowed to appear in art submitted to this folder.
- Only digital art is allowed.

:bulletpink: JeanMarco Traditional Art
- Only the characters Jean Kirschtein and Marco Bodt are allowed to appear in art submitted to this folder.
- Only traditional art is allowed.

:bulletblack: Jean and Marco in Groups
- Jean and/or Marco must be present in the drawing.
- Other characters are allowed to appear in art submitted to this folder.

:bulletpink: Comics
- Jean and/or Marco must be the main focus of the comic.
- Other characters are allowed to appear in art submitted to this folder.
- A deviation will usually be considered a comic if there is more than one panel and/or text (as in speech bubbles, narrator thoughts, etc..) If you are uncertain if it will be considered a comic, just submit it to this folder and the founders will be the judge of this matter and make sure to place it in the right folder.

:bulletblack: Fanfiction
- Jean and/or Marco must be the main character(s) or main pairing.
- Other characters are allowed to appear in the story.

:bulletpink: Cosplay
- Cosplay photos of either Jean or Marco by themselves or together is allowed in this folder.

:bulletblack: Crafts, GIFs and Stamps
- Crafts are everything from paperchilds and plushies to charms and plastic figures.
- GIFs are moving images.
- Stamps are DeviantArt stamps-
- Only crafts, GIFs and stamps of Jean and/or Marco are allowed in this folder.


All art placed in an incorrect folder might be declined without further explanation.
Feel free to ask one of the founders which folder you should resubmit your piece to.

Thank you for reading the rules!


Winner Announcement


The winners are finally here!
Check out further down.
- *REMEMBER* to contact the donaters to claim your prizes :D

Again, thanks a lot everyone for participating!
And congratulations to the winners :iconcelebrateplz:!



3rd place: Ceres97 with Jeanmarco ~ AU Nightmare Before Christmas by Ceres97

2nd place: Time-King with Attack on DmmD - Jean x Marco Crossover Contest by Time-King

1st place: IzaOriharaCrystal with (Jean and Marco) Surviving by IzaOriharaCrystal


Crossover Contest

Hello, beloved members of the Jean-and-Marco fangroup!

To celebrate the 1 year birthday of this group and the change of staff, we decided to throw a contest :)



:bulletpink: The overall theme of this contest is "Crossover" - meaning you will have to do a crossover of Attack on Titan + another fandom (fx. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, etc..)

Take a look at some art examples
(We do not own the following art. These art pieces belong to their respectable owners):
HAPPY HALLOWEEN by SydsirHalf-Moon Rising by fadiyaMangaMania
(1st. Attack on Titan / Assassin's Creed) - (2nd. Attack on Titan / Bleach)

:bulletblack: Only Jean and Marco are permitted to appear in your art piece.
- Both of them must be present in the picture.
- They must be depicted as a couple (don't limit yourself to hugging and kissing pictures. This only means you can't make them enemies or something else that would go against them having obvious romantic feelings for each other.)

:bulletpink: We accept both digitally and traditionally drawn pictures AND cosplay photos for this contest.
- Mature artwork is permitted, but please put a "mature filter" on it :)

:bulletblack: No old artworks are permitted. It has to be made exclusively for this contest.
- And no sketches, please.

:bulletpink: Please write "For the :iconjean-and-marco: crossover contest" in the description of your art piece.

:bulletblack: You may submit a maximum of 2 artworks for this contest.




Remember to submit your art to the folder called "Contest". Otherwise, we might not notice that you wish to be a part of this contest.
- Here's the contest folder where you can look at the art that has already been submitted to the contest:…


People who want to participate:

People who are done with their art for the contest:



You are more than welcome to donate prizes :)!

(- *People who donate can still participate in the contest*)


Those who have donated prizes so far: :iconlovetothecucumber::iconthefireflyfromhell::iconebonysemira::iconbebouska:
(A huge thanks to you who donated :D!)

1st Place:

:bulletred: 20 points LoveToTheCucumber.
:bulletred: A fanfiction written by TheFireflyFromHell (Oneshot, no lemon, either a story for the Attack on Titan or Free! fandom.)
:bulletred: A traditional full body sketch of any character from EbonySemira.
:bulletred: The winner will get a special feature on the front page along with up to 3 artworks of their own choosing.

2nd place:
:bulletred: 10 points from LoveToTheCucumber
:bulletred: A fanfiction written by TheFireflyFromHell (Oneshot, no lemon, either a story for the Attack on Titan or Free! fandom.)
:bulletred: One half or full body with simple background (up to two characters) from bebouska
:bulletred: A special feature on the front page with up to 2 artworks of their own choosing.

3rd place:
:bulletred: 5 points from LoveToTheCucumber
:bulletred: Full colored headshot (1 character only) by babouska.
:bulletred: 1 artwork featured on the front page of the winners own choosing.


Every Participant

:bulletred: Every participant receives a llama from LoveToTheCucumber.
:bulletred: You will also receive one headshot sketch from EbonySemira (any character).


If your icon is not here or your art is not in the contest folder within the next 2-3 days after you've submitted your work or if you run into any other trouble or just have questions, please contact one of the founders :iconthefireflyfromhell: - :iconlovetothecucumber:

Thank you for participating and good luck everybody :iconbowplz:!


More Journal Entries


Group Info

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Aug 12, 2013


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As soon as I saw the word "canon" and having no idea who they were, I immediately assumed 3 things: This is either a TV show, a fandom pairing, OR M/M Yoai thing. Lo and behold I Google "Jean and Marco" and I found this Deviant art page. What a small world.
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your drawings and the favs you have are so amazing i like your deviantart and i have a
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